It is the shared responsibility of all stakeholders especially YAS Personnel, Parents/Guardians, Community and Students themselves to do their best at all times to achieve the expected outcomes of the school. YAS exists to provide an academic excellence in a given environment whereby our graduates becomes:

Spiritual individuals who:

  • Base belief system on the Word of God.
  • Become familiar with the Scriptures.
  • Encourage and affirm those around them.
  • View integrity as a critical personal value that is enhanced by the knowledge of God. 

Responsible Citizens who:

  • Maintain high moral and ethical standards.
  • Conserve and protect the natural resources and the natural environment.
  • Practice a healthy and balanced life-style.
  • Contribute to the welfare of society.
  • Respect others rights.

Critical Thinkers who:

  • Access and evaluate resources effectively and efficiently.
  • Employ creative thinking in an innovative manner.
  • Understand the process of problem solving.
  • Explore healthy ways to resolve conflicts.

Academically Competent individuals who:

  • Achieve success by utilizing the highest potential.
  • Understand learning as a lifelong process.
  • Demonstrate competency in reading, writing, and Mathematics.
  • Appreciate the value of fine arts, sciences, physical education and humanities in general.  

Effective Communicators who:

  • Clearly express ideas in English language.
  • Effectively communicate with diverse audiences.
  • Demonstrate open-mindedness.
  • Express personal opinions with confidence and in an amicable way.
  • Effectively use other methods of communication.  

Collaborative Workers who:

  • Value and demonstrate teamwork.
  • Respect others’ ideas.
  • Recognize, appreciate, and utilize diversity.
  • Effectively perform a variety of roles (multi-tasking).
  • Work toward the achievement of group goals. 

Self-Managers who:

  • Display appropriate, reasonable and meaningful self-direction.
  • Exhibit self-control.
  • Monitor one’s own progress.
  • Display quality use of time.