Evaluation of students’ performance by tests, examinations and assignments are vital to help the students and the guardians to understand the progress the students are making in the class. It also helps the teacher and the school to gauge the students’ progress and enables the school to advice parents regarding their ward. Class quizzes are given at the discretion of the teacher. It is, however, expected that the teacher will use this method to evaluate the students and to motivate them to study. Besides class tests two mid- term and two term examination are being conducted and the progress reports are sent to the parents. The final term examination covers entire class syllabus.
A student who is absent from any examination cannot be expected to take a special examination.  Any unfair and dishonest practice in the examination will be treated as a very serious offence. Offences such as copying, showing answer papers to other students, passing materials to other students, talking to another students etc. are strictly prohibited. Students indulging in any of these will be asked to leave the examination hall and the matter will be reported to the chief invigilator and principal immediately. Such students will be debarred from taking the remaining exams of that period. This will result in failure of that students in that grade that year.
The student’s answer papers of all examinations except the final exams are given to the students to be taken home, reflected upon and improve in the future. A student upon dissatisfaction of or unhappy with the final exam result and suspect of overlooking from teacher’s correction or grading may request to the Registrar within thirty days after the announcement of the final results. The school will be happy to review the exam papers and reply to the student within ten working days following the submission or requested date. In such case, the school will charge incurring expenses not more than monthly tuition fees of that particular subject.

Marking or Scoring Procedures:

To excel in the class/section, written tests is not the only parameters or performance of a student, holistic and harmonious development is accounted. Therefore, YAS the following scoring procedures are strictly followed or measured or documented for every 100% marks or scores earned throughout the school year. The highest score 100 or 100% in each subject is calculated or documented by respective teachers.
Class Quizzes/Tests10%
Attendence10 %

Grading System

YAS practices all round performance, improvement and gradual development of every student in order to pass and excel in existing grade. Passing or promotion to the next grade or level of achievement does not rely only on sitting/passing at the monthly or final written examination and scoring flying colors. Hence, we have the following grading system in place:

Grading System (KG – Grade IX)

The grading is awarded upon completion of all subjects in each class with a minimum of 40% marks in each subject. In order to avoid unnecessary friction of competitiveness among students in the same class, the following Classes are awarded on the basis of overall performance, skills, ability and excellency of a student depends only on him/her:

  1. 40% – 60%                    THIRD Class
  2. 61% – 80%                    SECOND Class
  3. 81% – 94%                    FIRST Class
  4. 95% and Above             DISTINCTION

Grading for Grade X (DHSC):

The final grading of this Grade (DHSC) will be depended upon the final examination (Tentatively from May 24 – 28, 2021) but YAIA will decide who will be fit (eligible) for sitting in that exam. The decision of YAS, will be depended upon the earned grades and grading system mentioned under the “Marking or Scoring Procedures” stated above.

Letter Grade    Marks/Scores               

A                      85 – 100                       10

B                      76 – 84                         9

C+                    67 – 75                         8

C                      58 – 66                         7

C-                     49 – 57                         6

D                      40 – 48                         5

Classes are awarded as follows: –

Distinction                   66 – 70 (Points)

First Class                   56 – 65

Second Class              46 – 55

Third Class                  40 – 45

Grading System for Grade XI & XII

The grading (Letter grade) is awarded upon completion of all subjects in each class with a minium of 40% marks in every subject. Letters grade are award on the following basis:

Marks/ScoresLetter Grade[1]Points Earned
90 – 100A4.00
85 – 89A-3.67
80 – 84B+3.33
75 – 79B3.00
70 – 74B-2.67
65 – 69C+2.33
60 – 64C2.00
55 – 59C-1.67
50 – 54D+1.33
40 – 49D1.00
0 – 39FFail

Grading Classes for Grade XI and XII

Following the above grading system, Classes are awarded for Grade XI and XII as follows:

  • DISTINCTION                 3.68 – 4.00 (points)
  • FIRST Class                    3.33 – 3.67 (points)
  • SECOND Class              2.683 – 3.32 (points)
  • THIRD Class                   2.00 – 2.67 (points)                                                   

SSD: GC of SDA- Union Directors of Education Meeting, October 1-3, 2007 defines this Letter Grade as “A” stands for Awesome God is at work here!; “B” for Blessings to thank God for; “C” for Can’t just stay average; “D” for Don’t think we’re focused here; and “F” Fantastic opportunity for Growth and improvement, p. 3.

The student must earn a minimum of 2.00 (points) GPA in order to be promoted to the next level.

Even though a minimum of 2.00 GPA is obtained but failure in any of the compulsory subject will also be considered as FAIL and the promotion for next level will not be granted.


The minimum pass mark in each subject is 40%. For promotion, a student must have 40% in each subject. The highest score is 100% as calculated under marking or scoring procedures above. Moral Instruction is a compulsory subject and failure in it can lead to promotion being withheld.