Grievances and Complaints[1] either about the performance of School Personnel or behavior of student(s) are most appropriately lodged first with the individual directly involved, then with the principal and appealed to the School Board if necessary. When a complaint about a teacher or school personnel is necessary, such complaint should be brought to the attention of the Principal who will investigate and take appropriate action. Complaints regarding curricula, materials or building operations should be first directed to the school principal. While some complaints may be made verbally, complaints of a serious nature should be made in writing, be specific in nature and detail desired actions. For complaints wishing to see the improvement, reaction, response or feedback should never be made anonymously. For grievances and complaints made anonymously, the School will be treat them as suggestions only. Any responsible stakeholder may submit either his/her grievance/complain or of others to the Principal or to any one of the Administrator.

Our philosophy of discipline seeks to encourage and develop self-control. It is a process to assist students to live by the right principles. We believe self-discipline is a necessity in the maturing process.

Discipline enhances learning. All school personnel are delegated with the responsibility of enforcing classroom regulations in accordance with school philosophy, objectives, core values and mission statement. The school expects full cooperation from both students and parents in the education of the student and in adherence to all school policies and regulations. By willing admission to this school, both the students and parents/guardians are automatically agreed to comply all these guidelines.

For serious grievances and complaints, the school will take the following three levels of procedures:

Level 1: Informal and Optional Actions

Employees or students claiming sexual harassment or other sex discrimination may first discuss the grievance/complain with the principal or immediate supervisor, with the object of resolving the matter informally. A student, parent, employee, or third party individual with a sex discrimination/harassment complaint may discuss it with the teacher, chaplain/counselor, or members of the school board involved.

Level 2: Formalized Written Complaint to ADCOM

If the grievance/complain is not resolved at Level 1 with the principal or designee and the grievant wishes to pursue the grievance, or if Level 1 is not appropriate for resolving the grievance, the grievance may be formalized by filing a written complaint, providing an interview, or an assisted written complaint as necessary. The principal or designee will seek a list of witnesses or evidence from the grievant, the accused, and others as relevant, as part of the investigation. The principal and selected team will conduct a formal investigation. The complaint shall state the nature of the grievance and the remedy requested. The filing of the formal, written complaint at Level 2 must be within two months from the day of the event-giving rise to the grievance or from the date the grievant could reasonably become aware of such an occurrence. A minor student may be accompanied at that meeting by a parent or guardian. A written report from the principal to the grievant and accused regarding action taken will be sent within fifteen (15) working days after receipt of the complaint.

Level 3: Formalized Written Complain to Administrative Council or School Board

If the complaint is not resolved at Level 2, the grievant or accused may proceed to Level 3 by presenting a written appeal to the Administrative Council and/or School Board within ten (10) working days after the grievant receives the report from the principal or designee. The grievant or accused may request a meeting with the member(s) of Administrative Council or with Chairman of the Board or his/her designee. The Chairman or his/her designee has the option of meeting with the grievant or accused to discuss the appeal. The Chairman or his/her designee will render a written decision within ten (10) working days after receiving the written appeal. The procedure in no way denies the right of the grievant or accused to file a formal complaint at any time with the Concern Government Department or other third parties such as lawyer or other agencies available for mediation or rectification of grievances, or to seek private guidance for complaints alleging discrimination.

YAS always believed that ‘prevention is better than cure,’ hence, made all possible ways to prevent & protect the student(s) from breaching the stated rules & regulations, commitments, COC and others stated herein the handbook; as the last resort, the school will take the following steps (inclusive of levels above) of disciplinary actions: –

  1. Verbal warning / fine / Detention
  2. Formal written warning
  3. Temporary suspension from school
  4. Dismissal or termination from school

Guidelines For Punishment

Disciplinary action taken by the school will be as “transparent” as possible.  Effective discipline demands effective communication between the disciplinary structures, the school personnel and the students and the parents.  Written reasons must be furnished at the request of parents.  Nothing in this Code detracts from the desirable approach that disciplinary matters be resolved by way of counseling and/ or other less formal methods. Regarding pardon for and erasing of records of punishment after consultation with the Personnel, parents and students of the School, parents and students have the right to appeal against convictions of student(s) and/ or the imposition of punishment for misconduct are set out in this handbook. If indispensable punishment is to be made it must be:

  1. Fair
  2. Reasonable
  3. Appropriate (not only to the offence but also to the child and the school community)
  4. Relatively immediate
  5. Acceptable having regard to the basic human Rights and the ethos of the school community
  6. Consistent              

Announced Regulations

Any rule & regulation adapted by the School Administration during the school year and announced to the student will also have the same force as those published in the prospectus. Therefore, students are encouraged to check the bulletin board and update with respective classroom teacher from time to time for such announcements.