Chaplaincy or Pastoral care and social-emotional counseling are a part of our holistic educational system for all students and focuses on building relationships that recognize the uniqueness of each individual. As such, we incorporate strategies that nurture ongoing success and guide each student in developing the attributes and powers of excellence. Pastoral care and counseling are an integral part of student life. Teachers and social- emotional counselors incorporate social-emotional learning strategies into our framework for learning. Pastoral activities and events are incorporated into the school’s calendar to support the orientation and well-being of students. Our social-emotional and spiritual counselors are experienced and knowledgeable in the field. A student may voluntarily visit and meet (may accompanied by parents/guardians depending on the case) chaplain or counselor for healthy and satisfactory studying environment. On the other hand, any of the personnel may recommend him/her to get rightful counsel or emotional settlement with a written note/slip before taking any level of grievances or complaints or disciplinary actions.