Morning Value Session/Assembly

The activities of the day at the school begin with a devotional period cum value session for the entire school. Every student is to be present for this, attendance will be taken. Inspection in regard to uniform, cleanliness, etc. will also be done at the devotional time.  General announcement affecting the school and the students are being made during this period and this is to be treated as official announcements and the students are expected to follow instructions and information. The detail plan will be developed and lead by the Chaplain or counselor.

Attendance at School Functions and in Classes

Parents/guardians, students and teachers are jointly responsible for ensuring that all students attend classes and functions. Class attendance is taken on a subject-wise basis. Prompt and regular attendance at all school appointments, chapels, morning devotion and socially useful and productive work (SUPW) is expected. Any student who has more than ten percent absence in a subject in a term may be denied permission to write the final examination. Any student who is absent from School must hand an absentee note/letter from a parent/guardian to the school Registrar. No student may leave the School during School hours without a letter from a parent/ guardian requesting the release of their child and the permission of the classroom teacher.

Parents and school personnel have a shared responsibility to ensure the student(s) arrive at school on time each day and leave school campus at designated time.


Students are expected to be in class on time. Students who are not seated in their class after the second bell will be marked tardy. The first ten minutes of each class period will be the time counted as a tardy. Any student who is not in class by the end of the 10 minute tardy period will be counted absent and this absence will count against the ten allowable absence days. Once the student has accumulated five tardies, a detention will be assigned. Detentions or ISS will be assigned for tardies that accumulate if the student reaches 10, 15, 20, or 25 tardies. Students reaching 30 tardies in one the first quarter will be suspended out of school and a parent conference with be held with the principal. The administrative council will confer with the student about the tardies and parents will be contacted. Each quarter will start a new tardy reporting period.

The maintenance of tardy records and informing the student of how many tardies they have in a class period is the responsibility of the classroom teacher. If a teacher is the cause of a student being tardy to his next class, then it is the student’s responsibility to ask the teacher for an excuse to present to his/her next teacher. Unless this is done the student may be charged with a tardy or absence.

Class Teacher

A class teacher is assigned to each class for general supervision, student counseling and help to assist the school administration. Students who have personal or academic problems may seek help from the class teacher. General activities of the class will be under the supervision of class teacher. When various schools functions and activities are organized, the class teacher will continue supervising the group.

School Uniform

For excellence, reduced distractions, improved professionalism, enhanced image, unity, pride, fostering community spirit and for increased Student Safety, YAS has designated current school uniforms. Boys are to wear the prescribed shirt and trousers. Girls are to wear the prescribed shirt and skirt. Skirts must at least cover the knees. Students are expected to wear the official School uniform and appear neat and tidy at all times. No additions or alterations to the uniform that are not in accordance with the regulations will be allowed. No earrings, jewelry, accessories, colored contact lenses or visible tattoos are allowed.

Prescribed Pathfinder/Adventurer uniforms are also required for appropriate and respective classes and other uniform for certain occasions.

Valuables and Personal Belongings

The School will not be held responsible for theft of or damage to personal belongings on School premises (e.g. cell phones, bags, books and clothing). Students should avoid bringing cell phones, large sums of money and valuables to School. Cell phones may not be switched on during a normal School day except during break. If the student brings a cell phone to School, he/she must carry a written request from the parent, which must provide for an indemnification against loss of or damage to the cell phone. If any electronic or communication device is switched on or used in class (without the permission of the teacher) or between periods, the phone will be confiscated and placed in the school strong room for a period to be determined by the school.

Bringing computer games, iPods or similar electronic devices to Classroom is prohibited.