All school fees/financial obligations to the school are to be paid directly to the Finance Office of the school and a proper receipt obtained. Parents/Guardians and the students are not supposed to make any material or monetary payment to any member of the personnel for service/favor rendered.
Any financial dealings directly with a school personnel in payment of service/favor rendered in connection with the schooling of the students is a very serious offence and makes the students liable for withdrawal or dismissal. If the school personnel ask such payment or presents, it is the responsibility of the student/parents/guardians to complain to the Principal or the School Board. Otherwise, all the payments either for school fees or additional/separate donation to the school must be made directly to the Cashier in Finance Department and in return the Cashier will give back the school receipt or invoice. The school fees both monthly and yearly payment (inclusive of initial fees) plan can be discussed and make agreement with the Treasurer. All the basic and indispensable financial information or direct school fees are listed below:

Detail School Fees

Monthly Tuition FeesAmount
Computer for (Grade-5-9 & 11-122,500 MMK
Instructional for (KG - Grade IV)60,000 MMK
Instructional for (Grade V – Grade VIII)65,000 MMK
Instructional for (Grade IX – Grade XII)70,000 MMK
Electricity for (KG- G 12)3,000 MMK

Yearly Fees

Sports                                       10,000 MMK

Medical (Basic)                         10,000 MMK

Furniture                                 15,000 MMK

Teaching Aids                           10,000 MMK

Library                                     10,000 MMK

Examination                             10,000 MMK

Initial Fees

Administration                         10,000 MMK

Refundable Deposit                  20,000 MMK

Registration                             10,000 MMK

School Development                35,000 MMK

Others Expenses

Apart from monthly tuition, yearly and initial fees, there are other costs that might come based on the students choice, they are school uniforms, stationery, lunch/meals or snacks are the additional costs a student might have to spend while in school.

Additional costs may also be there depending upon the direct services undertaken by the student such as ferry or school bus, extra-curricular activities depending upon the grades, excursion, activities, stationery, lunch or meals or snacks during school hours as a part of school program.

Please note that the fees are to be paid before the dates mentioned on the fee structure. NO student will be allowed to sit or write examinations unless the fees are paid in full and on time.


For the fact that education for all, YAIA practices non-discrimination of students based on rich or poor.  Apart from many able families, there are also families whose children need financial support in order to be able to study in YAIA; for them there are willing donors (local and abroad), individually or as an agency who are supporting school fees and other needful accessories for which YAIA is grateful.